Livia Rib (13/04/1994 Rome, IT) // Lighting Artist / Video Artist / Interactive Artist / Scenographer / Sound artist

    fffjpg is a mixed media collective formed by Livia Ribichini (IT) and Hussein Faqih (LBN). Met in Groningen (NL), they started experimenting and working with noise, video art, glitch art, pixel art, circuit bending, and musical toys. The 7th of March during the Atrabilious Amsterdam Experimental Filmfestival at the Filmhuiscavia (a counterculture cinema, founded in 1983 by a squatters movement) they had the first debut: they playied live noise (synthesizer and circuit bended toys) in the backstage and projected their 40 minutes film in the Cinema, creating an immersive and unpleasant experience.