Livia Rib (13/04/1994 Rome, IT) // Lighting Artist / Video Artist / Interactive Artist / Scenographer / Sound artist

    ‘Epicenter 11.11’ is a kinetic sculpture that changes its shape over time according to the seismic activity of our planet. The motor is connected to a live database that every second update the most recent earthquake that is happening in the world wide. In this way the mesh for constructions twists at every input changing the shape and becaming tighter and tighter. The installation is currently shown at the DiSplay of the Re:Search:Gallery - Np3 in Groningen(NL) until the 20th of January 2021.

    Arduino, screen, mesh for constructions, motor, MAX Msp, Node.js

    4m x 3m x3m

    epicenter epicenter epicenter epicenter epicenter