Livia Rib (13/04/1994 Rome, IT) // Lighting Artist / Video Artist / Interactive Artist / Scenographer / Sound artist

    I never remember my dreams but this one is one of the few that I remember and I had it like five years ago. Was a meaningful dream, even if the interpretation it cames later, so I decided to remake it through The Sims, record it and post edit. I was in a white bright room, reading a notebook were all the greeks and romans divinities were written but there wasn't Artemide or Diana, the huinting goddess 'How is that possible? she's my favourite one' I was saying. So I decidedto move from that room, I go out throu the main door and there was a big flight of steps but instead walking I jumped directly on the ground and the building in front of me in that second came closer to me. In that moment I was a bit lucid because I remember that I decided the design (was a white building with some little red, yellow and blu drawings on the front). So I entered inside the other building, and there was a big hallway with a lot of rooms to the left side. I entered in the first room, a bright room with some little windows on the top of the wall. My point of view was subjective, there was a japanese vase (white with thin blue drawings) and suddenly in my point of view appears the sentence 'God:"Here nobody nevercomes".', that was very unclear and wird so I went out, hallway second room. This room was darker than the one before, here the point of view was objective so I could see my self working out meanwhile peeing. The camere or point of view started to zoom out until I saw the building becoming an army of blue soldiers moving in straight line and me trying to escape with fluids movements. Than I woke up.

    The interpretation that now I can say is the dream was about me and I was looking for me. Diana/Artemide was me and I wasn't in the book, I disappeared; than my inner god says to me somethnig like to rember myself, to come and visit myself, and to not forget about myself. Probably I losted my self and I was trying to reach it again.The last part about the army could refers to the difference between power that imposes his absolute dogma, the Catholic dogma about God, and the idea that everyone has his own infinte inner god.