Hi! I'm Livia, an italian mixed media artist and set designer based in The Netherlands.

From a background in scenography, I started my career by making lighting installations and studying the interactions between the viewer and the physical space.

My current research reflects on the multiplicity of identities between users and avatars in the virtual and physical world. I experiment with sensations, perceptions, new media and technology. My projects are inspired by my own impressions, dreams and elaborate visualizations of inner landscapes. The variety of solutions (videos, mixed media installations or A/V performances) evoke strong bodily experience, through transfer and sublimation.

Some of my clients were: Museum DR8888 (NL), Inter-University Center for Dance Berlin (DE), Live Cinema festival (IT), Rewire Festival (NL).

In 2017 I became founder member of the artistic duo Fulminate focused on light art and in 2020 of fffjpg, a mixed media duo based on electronics, noise and synthesizers.

Exhibitions and more

Please check my CV (PDF)

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